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    Mobile apps are used not only for playing games but also for process improvement, employee management, health, education, and more! At Boston App Expo, explore this vast new ecosystem by meeting developers and service providers. Can't miss this!

    Expo Program

    In three parts, the Expo covers major topics in app development and business

    • Exhibitors

      Engage with app owners and meet exhibitors who provide solutions ranging from legal to development, marketing, cloud, and more

    • Enterprise Mobility

      These sessions discuss Enterprise apps and their roles in process improvement, cost management, cloud solutions, patient engagement, and more.

    • Workshops and Panels

      Workshops, panels, and sessions in marketing, entrepreneurship, development, and more

    Expo Sessions

    The Expo is divided into three parts.


    Enterprise Topics

    For executives


    The app business

    App Festival

    Discover new apps

    Expo Sponsors

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